The Bach & Fach (Teaching methods) seminar is divided into 5 sessions (90 minutes each).  It focuses on how  music teachers can convey the essential ideas to young students (also older ones) when they start learning a work by Bach.

As we know, children up to the age of 9 learn “chaoticlly” – that means, they absorb all the information as it comes to them. When they experience a specific matter in any sort of forms or manners, then they are able to tie this information to something they have previously learned. Learning like an adult with “when…….then“,  that is only linearly and logically  linked, cannot yet take place.

Conclusion: children learn through experience. They can understand this retrospectively because this content has then been experienced.

Based on this fact the question arises, how can we deliver the specific content of the musical parameters in the initial stage of lessons. These contents are:  the choice of tempo, recognizing the structures and functions of the notes, adding dynamics and articulations, inserting ornaments, rhetorical figures and so on.

Adults grasp the theoretical contents as their learning pattern differs from that of children. However, they could still benefit from their first encounter with works if the contents are presented in the same way as they learn their maiden language. Please have a look here:

The aim of this seminar is to find a variety of answers to the question of how to convey the musical parameters.


Taking into account the information on baroque-relevant topics, the artistic ideas for the interpretation of a Bach work are combined with information on subject-didactic and methodical learning fields in such a way that the teachers experience various first encounters with different works and then learn how to create such first encounters themselves. These experiences can be used for individual lessons as well as for group lessons up to 4 students.

Participants who are interested in taking this course should please start with our seminars A and B, so that they already know the content well enough:

As we experiment and work together as a team, the maximum number of participants for this course is limited to 10.

The costs for this seminar are €212.

Seminar begins on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 11.00 – European time.