About the Program

Piano Masterclasses focussing on Bach Interpretation have been running successfully all over the world for many years. This Course is given by Prof. Inge Rosar and Dr. Kirill Monorosi, the artistic directors of the International Piano Competition J. S. Bach in Memoriam Walter Blankenheim (formerly Saarbrücken and Würzburg, Germany).

Lessons take place in Tandem (alternating with both teachers).  This online format continues with the idea behind the original (“Live”) Bach Courses: all participants remain in direct contact with all teachers for the duration of the course,and draw on the knowledge and experience of all teachers.

We would like to transfer the benefits of this team-teaching Masterclass format to the online platform. Both Prof. Rosar and Dr. Monorosi work together to provide each student with an individual lesson plan, taking into account the level, needs and goals of each student.
The lessons then take place from each teacher in turns (if required).

With this program, students have a unique opportunity of discovering the methods of two renowned Bach interpreters at the same time.

Support of Assistants

Assistants, who have completed studies with one of the head teachers and have a career of their own, are working with both key teachers. Depending on the level of the students, their repertoire, or goals, it may be suitable for them to have lessons with one of the assistant team. This is always under the supervision of the head teachers.

Trial Lesson

Every applicant has a 15 minute lesson (free of charge) from one of the head teachers.
This is to get to know each other and as an evaluation of finding the best way to arrive at the goals of the students.


The obligatory Trial Lesson is free.

One lesson (60 minutes) costs 100 €.

To register for the Online Bach Academy
  • Send the completed application form belov.
  • We will be in touch with you and will agree on a date and time for the Trial Lesson
  • At the end of the Trial Lesson, you will decide with your teacher a suitable continuation with the Program (e.g. Starting lessons with the Assistants,
    or continuing with the head teachers)
  • After your lessons are agreed upon, the Admin will send you a bill that needs to be paid before the rest of the lessons take place. (PayPal)
  • Please let your teacher know one day before the lesson as to any repertoire (also changes) to ensure they have the scores ready (to save lesson time).

Your Contact for any organisational questions is Mr. Olaf Krüger:

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