Piano Masterclasses on Bach Interpretation
in memoriam of Prof. Walter Blankenheim

with Prof. Inge Rosar and Dr Kirill Monorosi.

Performing the Keyboard Works of J. S. Bach on the Modern Piano:  Problems and Opportunities

These courses are intended to foster appreciation and closer engagement with the piano compositions of J. S. Bach. This is achieved when the textual and stylistic demands of the literature come in contact with the pianist’s personal interpretive capacities.

They are a combination of Bach Masterclasses (piano lessons on works by J. S. Bach) and further information from Bach Seminars. They offer participants a chance to try the information presented in practice and observe this process with other pianists, with the exchange with other pianists during the course being important to the learning process.

We will emphasize the following parameters:

• Tempo and tempo modification
• Structure of musical phrases and melodic lines
• Dynamics within musical structure
• Processes of tension (the energy of a piece)
• Conception of sound
• Pianistic elaboration and individual performance

Required repertoire for active participants:
one or more original piano works by J. S. Bach
(please exclude: Italian Concerto and Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue)

The course is offered to:

Pianists, pedagogues, students, interested amateurs, auditors

The course takes place in:

* Germany:  66133 Saarbrücken “Haus Blankenheim”
* Worldwide: please check our website for current updates


German, English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (with translation)

For more information and to apply please send an E-Mail to: