Bach course for children in group lessons

In this series of “Live” Bach courses for children, we will be employing some unique teaching concepts, presenting the world of Bach’s music as well as compositions from Bach’s circle, to children. The aim is for our next generation to learn how to appreciate polyphonic music style, with a joyful, effective, and unforgettable learning process.

A comprehensive musical training system will be provided during the course,

such as aural training, inward hearing, experiencing and gaining a sense of different rhythmic patterns, and meter. Meanwhile, we will be using new teaching techniques for children to understand essential musical elements in polyphonic compositions. For example, new works will be learned by dancing, and kids will learn the structure of a piece by playing block puzzles.

The corresponding textbook used in our courses is “The Bach Pianist”, written by Dr Kirill Monorosi (Sydney, Australia). It will be edited and published soon by La Folia Publication in Sydney. It consists numerous pieces which are suitable for children to play, including works in polyphonic style (from beginner to intermediate level).

For more information, please see: Pedagogical methods and further training, The Bach Pianist.

Photos from our group lessons:
Taiwan, Kaoshiung (July 2019)
Specialist Methodology & Bach for Children:

The “Sound Bath” – experience active listening

“Time Folding” class in action

Activities during the “Time Folding” session:
Clapping rhythms; recognizing the relationship between
different note values; write down the rhythm on a box, then
organize the boxes in their correct order.