Anne Riegler, Germany

was interested in the artistic and pedagogical aspects of music making right from the beginning of her studies: almost at the same time, she took up an artistic and pedagogical course of study with piano as her main subject in Würzburg. Her studies took her to the Conservatory in St. Petersburg and to the Mannes School in New York, where she obtained her Master’s degree and taught group piano lessons. In summer 2020 she will receive her master class diploma in Würzburg.

Teaching music has become a matter close to Anne Riegler’s heart, which she realises in various ways:

In her artistic work as an internationally award-winning pianist she offers moderated concerts. In these concerts, she entertainingly explains what she associates with music or the background of the works. In her experience, even a little information allows the listener a new, dust-free approach to classical music. In 2017 her first CD “à la manière de…” was released on the TyxArt label, featuring works by Maurice Ravel and composers whom he portrays musically.

In 2016, Anne Riegler composed a “musical fairy tale” of read text and programmatic piano pieces to make music an experience for children, enabling them to listen intuitively. Since then she has been composing regularly for her piano students, and a full-length children’s musical will be published by Carus-Verlag in 2020.

Anne Riegler teaches at the Musikhochschule in Regensburg and privately in Würzburg and gives piano courses for amateur pianists. From 2017 she will be an observer in Inge Rosar’s lessons in the subjects rehearsals and technical methodology (both for beginners and advanced students). Little by little she took over more and more of the teaching.

For Anne Riegler, the mixture of performing, composing and teaching forms an ideal balance of being a musician. It enables her to look at the core of the matter, namely the music itself, from three essential points of view, which constantly influence and inspire each other.