Audio Recording in Haus Blankenheim, Saarbrücken, Germany

All of us have been affected by restrictions, with our performances and teaching drastically reduced. For all musicians, it is important to reach audiences with and through our music. And as concert appearances have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, the only way to reach audiences remains through recordings. Through a recording (whether audio or video) you can quickly and easily reach a large number of people.
Unfortunately, professional studios are often prohibitively expensive.

We are offering a recording studio with a Steinway B set up in Haus Blankenheim (located in Saarbrücken) for a reduced rate. Although the acoustics of the room are not Studio quality, our sound engineer Dr. Markus Brändle (the former Sound engineer of the Saarländischen Radio, Saarbrücken), has recorded 7 CDs in Haus Blankenheim since 2013. These include recordings by
Inge Rosar (the 6 English Suites…) and Kirill Monorosi (Well-tempered-Clavier book I). These are available on physical CDs and can also be heard on Spotify, Amazon, and other online platforms.

We are offering this house for rent for recordings under the following conditions:

*Haus Blankenheim (this includes a Piano): 600 € per day
*Steinway B in excellent condition (built in 1980 and re-strung and with new mechanics from 2009)
*All recording equipment if working with Dr. Markus Brändle.
(If you chose to record with your own Sound Engineer, please arrange for your own recording
equipment). Result: a Master-CD and/or mp3 files for Spotify and similar platforms.

Not included in the above price is:
*Sound Engineer: Dr. Markus Brändle
His rate for recording is: 600 € per day (8 hours).
His rate for editing is: 600 € per day (8 hours). Editing is best carried out together with the pianist.
His travel costs (per train: Austria, Bregenz – Germany, Saarbrücken – Austria, Bregenz).
His daily allowance: 50 € per day
*Tuning: 98,- € per tuning
*Video-recording: Arrange your own video recording equipment
*If required, we can refer you to a CD company: AAA Media Solutions, Germany.
If you make physical copies of your CD with this company, they put up recordings on all online platforms without additional costs to you.

If you have any further questions or you wish to make a booking, contact: